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Make yourself seen

Make yourself seen!!!


Reach pedestrians and motorists in both the city centre and rural areas through mobile outdoor advertising. Remain visible 24/7!

Be visible from outside the vehicle, as well as inside, by leaving flyers in our taxis for self-service.

Wrap advertisements can be installed:

  • On the doors (dimension: 165cm x 40cm)
  • Or on the rear window (micro perforated)

Thanks to wrap advertising, you will be visible to thousands of potential clients!

Request a quote or a project model by calling us on :

Contact us on 03 22 91 30 03. ELIE or JEREMIE will get back to you!

We can put 5 to 30 taxis at your disposal for the period of your choice, depending on availability.

Taxi Abbeville


Adhesives - Lateral decals 165X40 cm on 10 Taxis for 1 month: € 1540.00 Excluding VAT

Average working time: 8 working days + laying time 1 day / 15 cars

Payment: 50% on order and 50% balance on the day of installation.

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